Video Interface for Mercedes-Benz W213/W222/W205 NTG5.5 Android,HDMI,Reserve Camera,Carplay

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Mercedes-Benz 2016y~MY W213 ,2018y~ W222 ,2019y W205 with 7inch Video interface

Short review. Car video interface serves to connect navigation box, rear view camera, DVD player to the OEM monitor of Mercedes-Benz W222 S-Class cars of 2018 / W213 E-Class / W205 C-Class of 2019 and following MY.

Model : QHI-W213


Car video interface serves to connect external video sources, such as Navigation box, Rear View Camera, Mirror link, DTV, Android system, Carplay, AVM(OEM touch control is supported), etc. to the OEM car monitor. This video adapter is designed for Mercedes-Benz W222 S-Class cars of 2018 / W213 E-Class / W205 C-Class of 2019 and following MY.

The video interface also offers active parking guidelines function.

You can also connect your smartphone and display video and play audio from the device on the connected monitor using.


Video Interface for Mercedes Additional Features

  • Dynamic parking guidelines (PAS)
  • Support of PDC

Video Interface for Mercedes Technical Specifications

  • Inputs
    • RGB input for navigation system or Android system
    • Input for a rear view camera  × 1
    • Input for a Front view camera  × 1
    • A/V input × 2
    • HDMI input x 1
  • Outputs
    • LCD ×1
  • Power
    • Input voltage: 8 V DC ~ 18 V DC
    • Maximum consumed power: 5 W
  • Input switch
    • Video input mute function: possible to mute each input with DIP switches
    • Switching video sources with a remote control / remote button
    • OEM button

Video Interface for Mercedes-Benz Compatibility

2016y~My E-Class W213 with 8.4inch and 12.3inch monitor NTG5.5
2018y~ S-class W222 with 12.3inch monitor Ntg5.5
2019y~ C-class W205 with 7inch monitor Ntg5.5

Video Interface for Mercedes-Benz Package Content

  • Video interface main board
  • Remote control with IR cable
  • Mode switch button
  • Cable set:
    • LCD cable
    • RGB cable
    • AV cable
    • REAR Power cable
    • Multi cable
    • J by J Power cable
    • Cap t/s in cable